CiM - Visual Planning and Scheduling Solutions

CiM has been recognised as the pioneer of Visual Planning and Scheduling Solutions and methods within the Maximo User Community. 

Visual Scheduler is a Visual and Interactive Smart Planning and Scheduling Solution built-in Maximo that performs the way Maintenance Planners, Schedulers, and Supervisors think and act.

It’s easy to read calendar view simplifies the work planning and scheduling effort with drag and drop and mouse features. Leveraging Maximo's powerful queries capability, Visual Scheduler has a number of tab views that enable a smooth planning and scheduling process within Maximo. Work schedules can be sequenced and balanced to material, asset/location and labour availability, and then accessed by Maximo users from a single point resulting in trusted and accurate work schedules. Schedule scenarios can be created, shared, reviewed and approved, reducing the complexity and duration of monthly planning meetings and weekly schedule reviews.


  • Easy to read Calendar Views for selected WOs with on-screen drag and drop features
  • Mouse-over and right click features for pop-up access to attributes and actions
  • Multiple tab views display WOs with clever multiple column sort, asset hierarchy drilldown across a scalable time-line and comprehensive weekly schedule for one-stop scheduling window.
  • Rules-based Smart Resource leveling, overtime controls and auto-assignment capabilities
  • Schedule management capability to create ‘what-if’ scenarios, apply Smart Resource leveling rules and optimise crews/craft/labors


  • Using Maximo queries Planners and Supervisors can select groups of Work Orders for quick access and manage work schedules to create work scenarios within Maximo.
  • No need to access external information to create logical and balanced schedules right in Maximo. No additional administration tasks, or training needed.
  • Administrator features work within Maximo Business Objects, workflow and security to allow for strict governance, compliance and automation of business practices.
  • Single point of truth – schedules are created exclusively in Maximo. No external applications, no add-ons, no gimmicks or workarounds – everything on one screen is in Maximo and can hyperlink to any Maximo application.


  • Visual Scheduler calendars speed the planning and scheduling process, which frees up staff to spend more time on the shop floor doing hands-on work.
  • Monthly Planning and Weekly Scheduling meetings can be streamlined using schedule scenarios to polish schedules that are widely communicated, approved and deployed with trusted results.
  • Process automation and governance configurations create high integrity, compliant and confident planning and scheduling processes.
  • Easy to learn and easier to use built-in Maximo user interface ensures immediate user adaptation resulting in speedy ROI and low TCO.