Data Standards

Vetasi data standards are made up of three distinct parts:

Part 1.

The Engineering hand over specification, which is based on the Process Plant Engineering Activity Model published by the Process Industries STEP Consortium (PISTEP).  This is intended to support our clients in the development of a suitable information handover strategy and plan for a process plant engineering project. Information created during an engineering project is of value for subsequent lifecycle stages of the process plant, in particular for operations, maintenance and engineering.

Part 2.

Is a tagging philosophy that describes what and how to tag in the engineering world.  Based upon industry best practice for process control facilities, the philosophy covers assets from instrumentation to mechanical handling.  It specifies the rules and conventions underlying the population of any CMMS instance and the relationship of the CMMS data fields to its Operational and Engineering environment. Although created for Maximo, it has been proven to work within numerous other CMMS

Part 3.

Industry best practice data sets that can be used from project conception through the natural lifecycle of an asset. The data sets can accompany a CMMS build to provide internationally recognised information that clients can use to enhance the quality of reporting that they require from the CMMS.  Again designed for Maximo, these have been aligned to other CMMS within the industry

Data sets include industry best practice:

  • Failure class hierarchy
  • Equipment classification
  • Attribute sets to align with the equipment classes
  • Units of measure
  • Lifecycle of a tag process and statuses


  • Creates a data philosophy and dataset that shall be compliant for major project initialisation through the Asset lifecycle
  • Creates a data set that has been designed on a consensus of best practice from a body of experienced practitioners across industries
  • Reduces the cost of creating a data standard by the company and the Engineering contractors
  • Assures the compliance of data for KPIs and Reporting at a companywide level
  • Lessens management burden to major projects during a period of high activity through re-use of knowledge and information
  • Brings an unprecedented alignment to what Operators and Maintenance engineers require from their data set
  • Allows KPIs to be better utilised through the introduction of meaningful data
  • Allows an audit trail of an Asset, from conception through to procurement and operation
  • Allows the O&G company to be compliant for OREDA


Vetasi have been involved in the creation of data standards for one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world and performed a number of gap analyses against legacy databases and the recognised  standard, recording both best practice and areas of improvement. 

We are now taking this expertise to other  industries and are embracing processes, such as ISO 55000, to ensure that our service remains unique within the CMMS world.

Supported at present

  • Maximo
  • Passport
  • Workmate