Project Deliverables

Our consultants can engage in all stages of an asset management project.  From the definition of the business benefits through to their realisation, we can bring our expertise and experience together to suit the exact needs of our clients.

Pre-Project deliverables

  • Business Benefits realisation methodology
  • Engineering handover specification, based on the Process Plant Engineering Activity Model published by the Process Industries STEP Consortium (PISTEP)
  • Detailed business processes and methodologies
  • Tagging philosophies, based on industry best practice and internationally recognised standards
  • Vendor data capture templates
  • Operational documentation templates 
  • Maintenance strategies per Equipment Classification

Project deliverables

  • Data collation and validation
  • CMMS load files (Maximo, Passport, Workmate) 
  • Asset/location hierarchy build
  • Physical Infrastructure diagrams
  • Maintainable asset packages

Post Project deliverables

  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) level analysis
  • Risk Based Criticality analysis
  • Risk Based Spare Parts analysis
  • The use of Scheduling to streamline labour processes and utilisation