About Vetasi

Vetasi: Solutions That Work

At Vetasi We:

  • Inspire organisations to optimise value from their physical assets.
  • Analyse data and operational evidence so that customers can focus their asset management efforts to where it matters most.
  • Offer technology solutions and services that enhance productivity from physical assets.

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What Do We Do?

Vetasi is a leading global provider of Asset Performance Management improvement programs

Vetasi has the largest IBM Maximo consultancy team across Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia

Vetasi is a strategic global business partner of Planon for Real Estate and Facilities Management solutions
Vetasi is a leading support provider of IBM’s IT Service Management products
Vetasi has a track record of successfully aligning clients’ asset management system to business objectives and international standards

With more than 150 years of combined total experience, a global dedicated team, always on support and more. Ready why companies chose Vetas

Our Global Footprint

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