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Whether you service one or more sites with one or multiple technician teams, there is always pressure. Pressure to meet or exceed customer expectations, drive productivity and efficiency and to comply with health and safety regulations. Familiar? Watch this video and learn how Planon Mobile Field Services helps you to meet your challenges by providing a secure field service solution that works on any mobile device....

The shift toward smarter business

Due to smart building technologies, the demands that are produced within a building are growing and diversifying. On a portfolio level, we are talking about exponential growth!


Get to know a real Integrated Workplace Management System

Becoming compliant with IFRS 16 takes about six to nine months, while it is often thought that the new standard can be implemented within a few weeks. Implementation takes such a long time because the new IFRS standard requires input from many departments, including property, finance, IT and purchasing.

Operating a Campus of the Future

Universities are facing big challenges when it comes to their physical and digital campus infrastructures. Changing expectations, increasing demand for new technologies, new educational models, as well as shifts in how students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding communities want to use campus space. All this creates a complicated web of needs and priorities that campus management professionals must be able to understand and address.