At Vetasi we understand that implementing an asset, facilities or IT service management system entails much more than identifying and installing the right software. We work with our customers to ensure that the Strategic and Foundational elements are in place to support an integrated management system that is Delivery Focussed beyond the capabilities of the software suite chosen.

The management systems that we deliver are integrated on the process and enterprise systems levels and address all phases of the asset and facilities life cycle.

ISO 55000 and other related business systems standards guide our approach, but cultivating real change and delivering measurable business improvement to our customer is what drives every Vetasi Asset Management Services engagement. We understand that asset management maturity is a journey that requires a time phased roadmap to achieve.

The hierarchical systems engineering view that drives organisational requirements visibly to the lowest levels of asset and supply chain systems and create line of sight visibility and accurate direct feedback to ensures early detection of performance deviations is a generally stated goal that is often missed when implementing new systems or embarking on improvement programs. Vetasi has developed a hierarchical framework taking the key asset management landscape-models and standards into account to guide our services engagements and assessments to achieve this goal.

Our consultants work closely with clients to identify improvement opportunities, charting a course towards maintenance, IT and business process best practice and cultivating real change in an organisation to support a complete enterprise-wide programme.

We work on projects on each level of the system and business hierarchy as well as on integrating processes across the organisation developing reporting and corrective action structures, analytics, workflow, risk management and review processes. We work closely with our customers to integrate HS&E with asset and work management processes to deliver a safe and well controlled environment where incidents, engineering and work process changes are integrated across the organisation.

Strategically Focussed Services:

  • Asset management maturity assessment and gap identification
  • Asset Management Planning
  • Performance Improvement Programs
  • Data Standards
  • Operational readiness management
  • Business Intelligence

Service Delivery Focussed services:

  • Service Management plans & processes
  • Maintenance plans & strategies per equipment classification
  • Work management, scheduling, control processes & procedures
  • Maintenance management meeting process and dashboard development
  • Performance Measurement, KPI and SLA development
  • Condition monitoring systems design
  • Skills assessment & training needs planning
  • Asset Management Service Centre

Foundational Services:

  • Master Data Development
  • Asset Register (Asset Identification & Verification)
  • Materials Master & Catalogue Development
  • Risk Based Criticality Analysis
  • Maintenance tactics & task development (RCM & PMO)
  • Configuration & Change Management
  • Risk Based Spares Planning
  • Focussed improvement and defect elimination (Root Cause Analysis)
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