Our Real Estate and Facilities Management Software Partner

Vetasi is a global strategic partner for Planon, a global market-leading Smart, Sustainable Building Management software company.

Through Planon, Vetasi provides world-class leading Real Estate and Facilities Management software that creates places where people work, live, play, and learn. These places are:

  • Efficient, attractive, responsive, and profitable.
  • Engaging, safe, healthy, and resilient.
  • Sustainable as well as environmentally, social, and governance (ESG) compliant.
  • Powered by data and information.

Planon retains its cutting edge by annually investing more than 20% of its net income in Research & Development (R&D). By significantly exceeding the industry benchmark, Planon retains its global leader ranking in the real estate and facility management markets.

Over the years, Planon has strengthened its position through several acquisitions:

In 2020, Planon and Schneider Electric further intensified their partnership, with Schneider Electric acquiring a minority shareholder position in Planon.

Together, Schneider Electric and Planon invest to lead the global smart building market, jointly creating the next generation of Smart Building Management solutions to digitally transform buildings into the healthy and sustainable workplaces of the future.

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Why Facility Managers Trust Planon

Proven Experience and Solutions
  • A 40-year track record in real estate and facilities management software.
  • A global network of skilled specialists in 14 offices worldwide.
  • Market leader in best practice.
  • Timely on-budget execution.
  • Future-proof software that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.
Innovative Technology from a Thought-Leading Supplier
  • BIM, smartphone applications, and sensor technologies, boost cost efficiency and labour productivity.
  • The IT environment is seamlessly integrated resulting in improved data consistency, real-time processing, and management information.
Easy-to-Use Solutions and Accessible Support
  • Role-based and easy system engagement on devices.
  • Consistency and simplicity in software ergonomics.
  • (e-)learning.
  • Single point of contact and 24/7 worldwide assistance throughout implementation and operation.

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Planon’s Alliances

Planon strongly believes in the power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. They participate in a wide range of leading networks, industry associations, and research platforms. By actively connecting to the market, they can align products and services with national and international standards developed by bodies such as Gartner, IFMA, CoreNet, IWFM, LEED, BREEAM, ARSEG, ADI, GEFMA, FMA, and FMN.


Brands That Trust Vetasi and Planon