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5 Reasons to add a mobile solution to Maximo now!

Asset management mobile solutions have come a long way

Technology has improved so much over the years that now is an exciting time to add a mobile solution to your Maximo operations. There are more choices, the process is easier, data and analytics are more important, and worker safety is a top priority in the modern workplace.

The Rise of a Giant: The Mobile Industry

Given Statista’s estimate of 6.648 billion active smartphone users worldwide, it’s no surprise that the mobile app business is thriving. This trend will only continue to rise; by 2026, there will be 7.5 billion mobile device users, and by 2025, 72% of people will not access the internet any other way.

Source Statista

Source: Sensor Tower

Don’t wait to go mobile – you will miss out!

The time is now, before it is too late. Why wait to put an asset management mobile solution in place?

In the future, digital business transformation plans must be brought forward by at least five years, or by 2024, according to Gartner. This means that your competitors are ahead of you. Why? Mobile implementations are quick and easy to install, cost-efficient, and can provide a faster ROI (Return on Investment) for your organization. You can gain a competitive advantage with this data at your fingertips and improve worker safety. 

Here are my top 5 reasons for implementing a mobile solution right now 

1. Quick mobile installations 

Mobile implementation projects are much shorter than they were in the past due to improvements and innovations in both the mobile solution and integration technology. Implementation projects can be delivered in a matter of weeks and not months. 

2. Cost efficient: A faster ROI 

Return on Investment is hard to measure in meaningful ways before an implementation. But there are some results that can be measured almost immediately — for instance: efficiency, data quality, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and worker safety. In some industries, the financial ROI comes with being non-compliant. 

3. Increased turn around rate and improved efficiency 

Work orders are delivered to the technicians without them having to go to the office or control room. Updates are provided throughout the day, so the business knows what is happening. Completed work is reported immediately in Maximo so it is known right away if any follow-up is required. 

4. Worker safety: online and offline 

Hazards and precautions, specific to the asset or location, can be provided for every work order. Maximo Inspections is now available offline, which can also be used to support risk assessments with dynamic questions and answers. Mobile devices such as mobile phones and connected wearables can support location-based safety factors by reporting and notifying of hazardous scenarios. 

5. Competitive edge: available data at your fingertips 

Do you believe in the capabilities of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning? Have you seen Maximo Mobile from IBM? With access to Watson, Maximo Mobile can provide relevant and appropriate remote assistance to a worker in the field. With Parts Identifier a technician can take a picture of an inspected part and then be provided with any information needed to get the work completed. 

Vetasi now offers a solution providing structural health monitoring capabilities through smartphones and other optical devices by measuring and analysing movement and crack propagation. 

Great news for Maximo users 

There is no longer a need to wait for the next Maximo upgrade or other major projects to be completed, they can be run in parallel. It used to be the case that the mobile element of the system would be directly impacted by any Maximo upgrade, and vice versa. That is usually no longer the case and while consideration must be made, it is certainly not a showstopper. Most mobile systems can be installed in the older version of Maximo and will then be carried forward in the upgrade with only minor tweaks necessary – including Maximo 7.6 to MAS. 

Vetasi Mobile Centre of Excellence 

Vetasi understands that a one-size-fits-all solution absolutely does not exist, so our Mobile Centre of Excellence works with multiple technology partners to deliver the right solution. We work with customers to define their needs and find the best provider. More than just software packages, we bring a wealth of experience across all industries garnered over more than 30 years of Maximo experience (hundreds of years if you add all our respective years together!). 


The time spent before implementing a mobile solution is invaluable. Vetasi can help inform this process with tailored workshops. A one-day Introduction to Mobile workshop might be enough to set you on a path to success. We can also offer multi-day Mobile Selection workshops or even full-service Tender Support. In addition, we discuss what you can do to optimise the system and hardware for your organisation. 

Book a workshop session with me now by emailing me at 

Vetasi is the leading Maximo service provider in Africa and Europe and is second to none when it comes to mobile solutions. Our vendor-agnostic approach ensures the customer has access to the best solution for their needs, rather than the best solution from the vendor’s point of view. 

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