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Trend 4: More quantitative and measurable uses of data

This is the fourth blog post in an eight-part blog miniseries based on current global factors, industry-expert opinions, and factual research done by our strategic partner, Planon. The research done by Planon looks at the most disruptive trends that are set to influence the world of real estate and facilities management over the next five years and list the following eight trends:

  1. The institutionalisation of hybrid working
  2. Better sustainability policies
  3. Improved business resilience
  4. More quantitative and measurable uses of data
  5. The rise of ‘Proptech’
  6. The Great Resignation will change the attitudes of future workers
  7. New elements of compliance
  8. Smarter integration of operational technologies

In each blog post we take some time to dig deeper and expand on a trend that will shape the real estate & facilities management sector by 2027, continuing with: