A Partnership approach to providing IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Services.

Our client is a global leader in critical health management, with revenues of over $1 billion. They specialise in blood monitoring innovations and digital health technology, with the goal of enabling people with complex health management needs and related conditions to live without limitation. They are dedicated to improving the standard of care for everyone, and their products and digital platforms are distinguished by their simplicity, accuracy, and trust.

Client Overview

Vetasi, part of Cohesive, an international consultancy, specialising in Work and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions (EAM), Asset Performance Management (APM), Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

KNG Partnership specialise in large- and small-scale change programmes, often as a result of acquisitions. This includes providing programme & project management services for integrations, mergers, divestments, internal restructuring as well as software and hardware deployments.

Amalia Technologies specialises in guiding businesses through the complex world of GxP compliance. With our comprehensive list of services and our simplified methodologies, we can help you understand, design and meet all your regulatory requirements.

The Challenge

During the second half of 2022, the client decided to move away from their original IBM Maximo Business Partner to a new Service Provider – Vetasi Ltd (part of Cohesive). The project’s challenges were:

  • An aggressive timescale of 8 months was needed to avoid penalties or duplicated costs.
  • The risk to the business was assessed as critical.
  • The overall project risk was assessed as major.

KNG an experienced change management service provider already engaged with the client, were asked to help assure the success of this time-sensitive migration project. The goal was to ensure the project objective was met by building a robust plan, overcome project challenges and facilitate effective communication between internal and external stakeholders.

A preliminary assessment identified challenges with resources, specifically a shortage of experienced computerised system validation (CSV) personnel. In addition to this the CSV working methods were protracted meaning extensive documentation would impact the delivery timeline. Care had to be taken to ensure there was no effect on patient safety, product quality, or data integrity. To address this KNG reached out to Amalia Technologies (KNG Partner) for assistance in meeting these challenges and establishing a streamlined risk-based software assurance method.

Vetasi, KNG and Amalia Technologies collaborated with the client to safeguard a seamless transition of hosting and support, as well as providingvalue-added services across quality documentation, functional expertise and change management. We are working as a team to upgradeMaximo to the most recent classic version, enhance the system’s data integrity, and establish Computerized System Assurance (CSA) practices toprovide a solid foundation for the client’s Asset and Maintenance Work Management moving forward.

The project has highlighted the successes achieved when a team, working closely with the Client as a partnership, delivered total solution services,including systems migration, application upgrades, improvements to data integrity, all within a robust quality system environment. Theestablished end result is solid foundation for the client’s future Asset and Maintenance Work Management.

The Solution

Details of the project :Analysis, Risks and Recommendations

KNG assessed the existing Maximo environment with a view to providing a pragmatic approach to service improvement and riskreduction. The report, completed over an eight week period, comprised:

  1. Current State
  2. Risk Assessment – Business
  3. Risk Assessment – Project
  4. Business Case
  5. Benefits Case
  6. Scoping
  7. Governance
  8. Resourcing
  9. Phasing
  10. Timeline
  11. Commercials

On approval of the feasibility study and approach the project was split into 2 phases.

The Results

Overall client benefits of this projectVetasi, KNG, and Amalia collaborated to deliver an end-to-end turnkey capability that accelerated the implementation of a validated and compliant work and asset management system.The following immediate benefits were provided to the client:

  • Client confidence in ongoing Vetasi, KNG and Amalia support
  • Ready to go turnkey solution for future improvements
  • Risk reductionsImprovement in operating efficiencies
  • Reduction in ongoing support costs
  • Improvements in accuracy and integrity of data entry

Why Vetasi, KNG and Amalia

Together, the three companies provide a streamlined service to the life sciences industry, thereby accelerating the development of work and asset management. This turnkey solution, with full management, technical and regulatory services built-in, is unique in the industry.

Vetasi are experts in Asset and Work Management via their hosted Maximo system. They were chosen because they provided a pragmatic development roadmap and could demonstrate a history of providing hosted Maximo solutions and delivering value to customers in the Life Sciences industry. This included a transparent relationship, especially regarding reporting with controlled underpinning data access for the client and metrics for support and hosting to ensure clarity of service.

KNG Partnership are experts in change and project management. They were chosen for their extensive experience in delivering high value,high risk projects. They have a track record in achieving unity of purpose among all project stakeholders. KNG’s expertise in project and programme management and executive level leadership consultants make them ideal for similar projects.

Amalia Technologies are experts in regulatory governance and compliance, constant client liaison, current project analysis, and real-time data. They were chosen for their ability to leverage newer validation and quality strategies, and their ability to implement them in projects with limited conflict from the QA and IT teams. They have demonstrated an ability to increase software quality and meet regulatory compliance while also streamlining documentation and decreasing time and effort.