Allied Mills

Allied Mills builds a smarter asset maintenance solution with IBM Maximo and Vetasi

The Challenge

To increase the efficiency of production at its three manufacturing sites, Allied Mills wanted to implement a smarter asset management solution to support proactive maintenance of its buildings and equipment.

The Solution

Working with Vetasi, an IBM Premier Business Partner, Allied Mills upgraded to the latest version of the IBM Maximo Asset Management solution, and created workflows that manage the asset lifecycle from end to end. Engineers can interact with the solution while working on - site, using mobile devices and real-time dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into operations across the business.

Making it work

The Allied Mills team was impressed with the capabilities of the latest version of IBM Maximo, and decided to perform an upgrade.  "Since our original implementation, IBM had rebuilt Maximo as a Web-based system that was much more mature and flexible; a lot of the functionalities that we would previously have had to build from scratch were now available out of the box," says Duncan Lawson. "If we could find the right partner, we were hopeful that we could achieve a rapid vanilla implementation of the software and achieve most of our objectives through simple configuration, rather than expensive development work."

Finding the right partner Allied Mills decided to engage with Vetasi, a specialist IBM Business Partner with broad experience of IBM Maximo implementations in a wide range of industry sectors. Vetasi has more IBM Maximo certified professionals than any other UK Business Partner–so Allied Mills was confident that it had chosen the best team for the job.

"I can't speak highly enough of Vetasi's contribution to the project," says Duncan Lawson. "They instantly understood the main point–that asset management implementations are more about people than about the technology itself. They advised us to let the workflows be designed by the people who would be using them, and worked closely with our engineers to build a solution that is easy to use, while also providing the deep insight into asset data that the business requires."

A rapid implementation

Within six weeks, Vetasi had helped Allied Mills complete the implementation and train the end-users. A seven-level parent-child relationship between different classes of asset was established, and every significant asset–from the mill buildings themselves through the production-line equipment to the inventory of spare parts – was listed in the central repository.

The team also integrated a solution that enables engineers to interact with the IBM Maximo system directly from their mobile devices while they are working on-site, giving them convenient access to information and allowing them to submit reports without returning to their desks.