Empact Group – Find out how Empact can now showcase their performance to customers on a real-time basis using their Planon solution.

Client Overview

Empact Group is a self-performing, multi service provider in South Africa. The range of services provided by Empact Group spans facilities as diverse as corporate headquarters to large industrial power plants and campuses. Their expertise lies in providing facilities management services for mining and the industrial sector, with an emphasis to integrate small businesses into their supply chain and delivery model.

The Challenge

Empact Group saw a clear change in the market demand with their customers looking for more integrated facility management services, that reduced their number of suppliers and raise the quality and value for their business. Empact Group customers wanted transparency and the ability to track agreed service levels and see the progress and planning of work. Empact Group set an ambitious timeline of three months to implement an Integrated Facility Management system (IFM) that would enable them to deliver the results that their customers were expecting.

The Solution

After a thorough market evaluation, RfP process and demo sessions, Empact Group chose Planon for their IFM solution and Vetasi to implement and support it. Tshinyi Magoro, Managing Director at Empact Group says; 

“Vetasi’s broad experience with FM software implementations in South Africa and their knowledge about Planon was impressive. During the selection process, the strong partnership between Vetasi and Planon was very convincing. Business continuity is key for us, so we were looking for a reliable knowledge partner to support us during the full lifecycle of the solution.”


Instead of implementing the software from scratch, Vetasi took Planon’s best-practice suite called ‘Accelerator’ as a starting point. As this best practice is very well aligned with Empact’s requirements, it meant the implementation could start quickly to meet the ambitious timescales.

The Results

Tshinyi explains the impact of the solution,

“We have realized huge improvements in our operations. We have far better insights into who does what, when and where, what work is open or finished, and what costs are involved. Also, the transformation towards planned preventive maintenance totally changes the picture. With the digital helpdesk as part of our service, most customers could stop their own internal helpdesk. Reports and analytics help us to continuously optimize the performance of our operations and quality of services. In that sense, Planon Universe has become the engine of our business”.

Planon has enabled Empact Group to better integrate their services offering, including a closed-loop digital connection with our specialized partners in the regions. This allows them to scale projects at a higher pace, reduce costs for their customers, and enter new regions and markets successfully.

By using Planon, they can now showcase with real-time dashboards their performance to customers on a real-time basis. Their customers can easily track agreed service levels, see the progress and planning of work, and much more. This creates trust in the relationship and saves a huge amount of time and effort compared to manual reporting.