IBM Maximo Application Suite – our Total Asset Management Solution

A single platform for Enterprise Asset Management, Health, Safety and Environment Management and comprehensive embedded Analytical capability supported by IOT and mobility functionality to provide real-time decision support.

IBM Maximo Application Suite is rated as the leading Enterprise Asset Management solution in the market for more than 15 years and provides a comprehensive solution covering all functionality required for the management of any physical asset. Supporting asset, service and work management best practices, combined with metrics-based decision-making across all industries, Maximo Application Suite provides a unique level of organisational automation through powerful workflows.

Maximo Application Suite

Maximo Manage (CMMS/EAM)

IBM Maximo, the flagship Asset Management solution for many years, forms the heart of the Vetasi’s offering. Maximo Manage cover all functionality required for daily operations including Asset Management, Work Management, Inventory Management Contract Management and Procurement Management. Powerful dashboards and KPI screens drive daily decision making through workflows while aligning decision making and authorisations to budget availability rules.

Reduce downtime and costs by optimising asset management and maintenance processes to improve operational performance. Leverage embedded industry expertise with best-practice data models and workflows to accelerate your industry transformation. Unify asset management processes using role-based workspaces to help teams across your enterprise.

Maximo Manage unifies robust asset life cycle and maintenance management activities, providing insight into all enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes to achieve better planning and control.


Powerful Add-Ons and Industry Solutions allow you to tailor Maximo Manage to meet the specific requirements of your industry whilst maintaining the integrity of a single product suite.

Maximo Monitor

Improve asset and operational availability with advanced AI-powered remote asset monitoring at scale. Collect data from your existing OT systems (SACDA etc), an converge your IT systems and operational systems in a single data lake to detect anomalies. Automate notifications, inspections, and field work when anomalies or thresholds are reached. Maximo Monitor allows you to easily identify degradation in assets through comprehensive dashboards and drill downs to speedup time to resolution.

Maximo Visual Inspection

Perform a visual inspection of the line or asset using commercial, off-the-shelf iOS devices to get immediate, actionable notifications of any emerging issue. Scale easily to view multiple points 24/7 including global views of all plants and geographies. Integrate with maintenance and quality workflows for a fast and prescriptive response.

Maximo Health

Manage the health of your assets using IoT data from asset sensors, asset records and work history to increase asset availability and improve replacement planning. Get a true view of asset health via dashboard displays to provide evidence to base operational decisions such as refurbishment and replace prioritisation.

Maximo Predict

Go beyond time-scheduled maintenance to condition-based action to predict the likelihood of future failures by applying machine learning and data analytics to reduce cost and asset failures.

Build on the power of other Maximo capabilities and Watson Studio to make data-driven decisions and build predictive models.

Maximo Mobile

Manage any asset, anytime, anyplace. Built on next-generation mobile technology, Maximo Mobile boosts productivity by giving field technicians the power to easily navigate a single, intuitive platform and find the right asset history and operational data —even in the most remote locations, online or offline—all in the palm of their hand.

Maximo Assist

Empower technicians to work autonomously by enabling them to obtain AI guidance whenever they need it. Use Dial an Expert capabilities to get real time audio video assistance from a remote expert for the technician at the workface.

Remote Guidance session history attached to the Maximo work order for future reference and added to AI knowledge base

Capture your expert knowledge and make it searchable next time a similar incident occurs

Enhance experience for new technicians and help every technician perform like your best technician

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Enterprise Asset Management Services

IBM Maximo Application Suite – our Total Asset Management Solution

A single platform for Enterprise Asset Management, Health, Safety and Environment Management and comprehensive embedded Analytical capability supported by IOT and mobility functionality to provide real-time decision support.

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Maximo Upgrades and Implementations

Leading customers through concept, design and build phases 

We know that implementing an EAM platform while ensuring its full potential is harnessed is often a daunting prospect. Vetasi’s expert implementation teams are skilled at reducing the project burden for our customers by leading them through the conceptual, design and build phases. 


Our extensive experience in IBM Maximo and third-party product integrations allows our teams to assist customers to identify information flows to ensure optimal business efficiency. 

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Industry Solutions & Extensions

Addressing industry-specific needs

Vetasi’s IBM Maximo extensions cover all industries. Using add-on functionality, IBM Maximo Industry solutions address industry-specific needs. These include: 

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Mobile for Maximo

Mobile solutions for complex operating environments 

Enhance your Maximo platform with the latest EAM mobile solutions. Our team of certified consultants works with our customers to define and then match solutions that fit their unique needs and budget. 

Vetasi Mobile Centre of Excellence 

With in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing mobile solutions across a range of complex operating environments, Vetasi offers more than just software packages. Our mobile solutions have spanned the following sectors: 

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Vetasi Accelerators

Pre-configured industry-specific quick launch packages 

Get immediate benefit from your investment with Vetasi’s Implementation Accelerators. Packaged from our experience across hundreds of EAM implementations, these quick time to benefit solutions contain standards and best practices that can be expanded on or used as is. 

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Support & Training

“Services and Software that future proof your investment”

Clients benefit from a personalised support desk with consultants who specialise in customer support and resolving service issues, through:

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