Improved Service levels

At Vetasi we understand that as a Service Provider you are often managing complex contracts with your customers, with a wide range of different Service Level Agreements.

Meeting and exceeding these defined Service Level Agreements is crucial, so that your company achieves its financial targets and keeps your customer happy, hopefully retaining the contract for the longer-term due to consistent high-quality delivery.

Your Service Level Agreements will be expecting your company to deliver the work for a possible maximum cost, within a specified timescale, to the appropriate quality (including full regulatory compliance), with the ultimate aim of keeping the customer happy. Service failure may also incur a financial penalty, as well as damaging your company’s reputation.

There are a wide range of different capabilities that must be embedded within your organisation to ensure effective and efficient delivery to meet your SLA’s.  At Vetasi we understand these areas and have systems and technology that can enable innovative, efficient delivery from the initial identification of work, through to the timely completion of work onsite, including the updating of work, asset and customer records. 

  • Customer Management:  Ability to manage the customer journey from initial contact through to timely resolution of the task or fault with automated updates to all service requests. 
  • Asset Management: Managing the assets value through maintenance of condition and performance  by capturing and acting on data from interventions, equipment sensors, operating context and history as well as age, specification and supply chain. 
  • Work Scheduling & Dispatch: From graphical and map displays showing where your resources with matched skills are versus work site for allocation. To fully optimised automated scheduling of your workforce. 
  • Work execution & closure management: Ensuring the field technicians are guided on site and safety compliance as well as detailed tasks or fault finding. Raising of work orders for follow on work for Suppliers and Contractors.
  • Knowledge Management: Capture of learning on specific work for sharing and reuse. Managing Asset Survey, Documentation, Certification, and Photos.
  • Materials Management: Innovative Logistics, Parts & Tools management.

From our experience, we can provide a wide range of different systems and technology that can support your business aims to improve all of the above elements.

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