Energy and Utilities

Leverage Industry Best Practices for Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility corporations are critical in the effort to create a better planet. Global initiatives to reduce carbon emissions using clean, renewable energy are critical whilst ensuring the availability of affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy.

Therefore, energy and utility companies must leverage the power of AI- and IIoT-driven solutions to:

  • Optimise equipment operations and keep critical assets running at peak efficiency.
  • Identify, prior to failure, production and distribution problems, assess these risks, and address them in real-time.
  • Empower technicians with mobile enterprise asset management tools/apps for safer and more efficient maintenance.

Vetasi is an IBM Gold Partner and the largest IBM consultancy for Maximo in the UK, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Vetasi and IBM Maximo will ensure that your utility thrives in an ever-changing environment, maximising efficiency, reducing cycle times, and optimising the value of company assets.

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Advantages of a Total Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Improve Maintenance Practices and Plans
Analyse historical and real-time data to determine asset health, predict impending failure, and plan condition-based maintenance interventions.
Prioritise Maintenance and Replacement
Enable operations, maintenance, and finance personnel to make smarter decisions about maintenance scheduling, asset replacement, and new infrastructure investments.
Employ Industry Best-Practices

Jump-start operations with embedded data models, workflows, and processes for gas and electrical transmission, distribution, power generation, water treatment, and wastewater.

Simplify Deployment to Support Business Growth
In addition, Vetasi’ s Accelerator implementation for the utilities industry contains standard configurations, processes, and data to bring solutions that can be used straight from the box.  This includes:
  • Meter Management,
  • Enhanced Mobile Work Management,
  • Regulatory Reporting Templates,
  • Appointments Management, and
  • Highways Noticing.

Scale up as and when business requires change by easily installing additional applications.

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