Extract Maximum Value Through Continuous Asset Performance Improvement Initiatives

Dealing with increasingly diverse asset portfolios such as Mobile Mining fleet, Fixed Plant, and infrastructure including Rail, Roads, and Port facilities, Asset Managers in mining are challenged to effectively manage these assets and deliver optimum performance, whilst minimising costs and mitigating risk.

Vetasi has worked with a variety of operations ranging in size from multi-national mining houses to small single-operation miners. Whether large or small, they deal with ore prices that rise and fall in often unpredictable cycles. Astute asset investment and management is critical for the bottom line.

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Accelerator Solution For Mining

Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Accelerator solution for mining is more than software. It provides pre-configured integrated processes, standards, and advisory services that empower mining organisations to address these challenges and deliver sustainable business value.

The Vetasi Mining Solution comes with:

  • Prebuilt best practice static data (such as personnel role and responsibility definitions);
  • Work processes supported with decision support KPI’s, dashboards, and reports;
  • Standardised asset data definitions (e.g. engineering specifications and classifications);
  • Failure reporting structures and analytical reports; and
  • Standard maintenance tasks.

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The Vetasi Mining Value Solution

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