Oil and Gas

Create Safer, More Efficient, and Reliable Operations for Your Oil and Gas Business

Enable profitable, safe, and environmentally friendly operations through efficient and reliable asset management. Our world-class solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream enterprises together with our extensive Oil & Gas industry expertise with state-of-the-art technology found in the Maximo for Oil & Gas industry solution, gives Vetasi the cutting edge.

IBM® Maximo® for Oil and Gas provides oil and gas enterprises with best practices to help improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of critical assets.

This manages asset life cycles, including acquisition, work management, operations, inventory control, purchasing, and preventive maintenance. It also addresses the special needs of the oil and gas industry.

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Asset Performance Management for The Oil and Gas Industry

Physical assets are as important as the people and processes behind them. Maximise and improve the EAM system by aligning people and processes to the firm’s objectives. At Vetasi, we specialise in working with Oil & Gas companies to implement a single EAM solution to maintain their assets across all asset classes. Our implementations begin using our Vetasi Maximo for Oil & Gas accelerator, the marketleading solution in the EAM space.

Building, operating, and maintaining terminals, refineries, rigs, platforms, and pipelines is costly. Keeping track of the equipment’s total life-cycle cost keeps one firmly ahead of competitors. Industry 4.0, data, smart solutions, and energy transition can boost an oil and gas company’s competitiveness. Asset management can drive this transformation by using data-driven insights to improve asset efficiency and performance.

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