Real Estate and Facilities Industry

Making Office Blocks & Campuses, Production Enhancing Environments

We offer a range of services and support for Real Estate and Facilities Management, driving everything from standardisation and cost efficiencies, to enhancing service delivery and optimising resources and productivity.

Vetasi has delivered solutions to some of the highest profile Facilities Service Providers with our IBM Maximo Accelerator and Planon Universe for Service Providers. Both these products are specifically designed to meet the needs of FM service provider organisations delivering on multiple service contracts dealing from small to extensive property portfolios.

Our solutions and expert teams help you to:

  • Make smart decisions,
  • Increase workplace productivity, and
  • Reduce costs.

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Enhance Your Facilities with Our Solutions to Achieve

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Implementation of standard business processes through world-class models (Planon and IBM Maximo).

Greater ROI

Achieve greater ROI by using assets more effectively, enabling higher productivity.

Compliance Fulfilment

Ensuring all statutory, mandatory, and regulatory activities are undertaken and accurately recorded.

Increased Uptime

Use technology to decrease asset downtime and apply maintenance interventions only when needed.

Time Maximisation

Schedule field engineers to maximise tool time and minimise travel time.

Higher Productivity

Provide field engineers with the information they need to work effectively whilst in the field.