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Seamless Asset Management Solutions for Service-Centric Industries

Service intensive industries, whether in the financial, public, educational, or related sectors rely on IT systems to be available 24/7/365. They also require a workplace that maximise productivity while controlling costs. Get peak IT and facilities performance, automate service requests, and fix issues to keep users happy under ever-increasing service delivery pressure.


Vetasi’s strong asset management expertise in the financial services sector addresses dynamic disruptions and evolving digital technologies.

Disruptions in the business landscape, as well as the impact of technology, are compelling banks, insurers, and the capital market to adopt innovative business models that provide superior customer experience while remaining agile.

Higher Education

Create and maintain efficient and effective campus facility maintenance processes. Make the best possible environment for people to learn, work, and live in. To meet the future needs of students, employers, and society, the most successful universities are investing in new and innovative approaches. We help campus facility managers ensure that existing infrastructure, as well as new investments in buildings and facilities, are aligned with strategic objectives and address changing needs.

Find Customised and Scalable Solutions for Specific Facility Management Needs.

IT Service Management

Improve service quality and efficiency with a fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use, flexible, and fully integrated IT service management system. 

Integrated Workplace Management Systems
This helps facility managers to maximise workplace performance by simplifying business procedures and cutting costs. Experience boosted productivity and efficiency!
Campus Management Solutions

Unifies operations data for best decision -aking, cost savings, and regulatory compliance. Create the optimum environment for people to learn, work, and live in.

Workplace Edition

Enhance the hybrid working experience for your employees and build business contingency.

Financial Professional

Offers an ISB and FASB compliant lease management and accounting solution for property and asset leases that increase processing efficiency and eliminate decentralised administration