Transportation and Infrastructure

Optimise The Productivity of Your Transportation and Infrastructure Assets

Ensure customer and freight safety without delays at their destinations. Vetasi has the expertise to enable clients to manage their fleet assets, rolling stock, rail tracks, and other infrastructure efficiently, meeting safety, regulatory, and customer demands.

Whether by Air, Sea, or Land

For fleet assets — from cars, trucks, and buses to trains, light rail, planes, and ships — IBM Maximo Transportation provides the tools to centrally manage efficiently and effectively the lifecycle of every asset on a single platform and database. The Value is unlocked through extended asset life by automated maintenance, constantly monitoring equipment status. It simplifies parts and inventory management for cycle counting and fuel tank management which will reduce road calls.

Manage and Maintain Critical Infrastructure

IBM Maximo® for Civil Infrastructure helps with prioritising infrastructure investments that keep citizens safe and moving by merging digital intelligence (both AI and IoT) with engineering know-how. Best practice workflows integrate teams using a single platform to monitor, manage and maintain infrastructure assets, predict failures, and prioritise repairs.

Mobilise your workforce with AI and AR assistance that provide a 360-degree view of operations.

Explore the IBM Maximo Application Suite

IBM Maximo: Railway’s Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Optimise the productivity of your rail transportation assets with a full suite of solutions for operations, maintenance, monitoring, quality, and reliability

One of the unique features of IBM Maximo is its ability to cover all asset classes and engineering disciplines found in the Rail Industry, inclusive of:

  • Rolling Stock Management
  • Rail & Electrical Network or Linear Asset Management
  • Railway Track Civil Structures
  • Rail Facilities & Earthworks
  • Signalling, Telecoms and IT infrastructure

Each of these asset classes require unique functionalities, data management capabilities and management approaches. Maximo’s industry solutions can be combined to achieve full capability in a single application, running off a single database while, providing full visibility across all disciplines.

Download the Vetasi IBM Maximo for Rail Overview