Life Sciences

Operational efficiency and increased flexibility are key to helping Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies improve cost effectiveness, boost R&D investment, and comply with changing regulatory, safety and security requirements.

Vetasi’s EAM solutions can provide the basis for such transformation by helping to build compliance into core processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs, whilst facilitating innovation with partners worldwide to accelerate new product and process development.

Industry expertise

Our consultants have extensive experience in the Life Sciences sector, including the management of critical assets to integrating core processes, controlling costs, increasing operational efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance.  Certified in GAMP 5, they understand the industry’s requirements and can tailor solutions to include specific tools and processes to can help your organisation achieve operational excellence.

Maximo for Life Sciences

Our team specialises in working with Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies to implement a single EAM solution to maintain their assets across all asset classes.  Our implementations use IBM Maximo for Life Sciences, a market leading solution which is fully FDA compliant and provides industry specific capabilities, such as:

  • Regulatory compliance with FDA (21 CFR part 11);
  • Calibration of instruments;
  • Tools & measurement equipment and standards;
  • Support for asset-related CAPA processes;
  • Support in Validation projects by providing Compliance Assistance documentation.

The benefits

Our EAM solutions give Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies enhanced visibility and control of their assets, along with a host of other benefits:

  • A market leading solution that is fully FDA compliant and addresses the service level agreements, integration, process management and reporting standards set by the regulators; 
  • Optimises asset performance and tracking to help you improve availability and lower the cost of acquisition, maintenance and disposal;
  • Controls costs and complexity;
  • Minimises risk of business disruptions and performance penalties;
  • Enhances customer service, with reduced risk of regulatory penalities;
  • Real-time reporting and GIS integration for mobile workforces;
  • More sophisticated data, which allows for better decision making and a faster response to business/industry changes;
  • Provides a natural alignment with the international ISO 55000 standard for asset management.
  • ‘Out of the box’ functionality, which shortens implementation times and reduces project costs;
  • The advanced functionality of a bespoke product, but at a much lower price point.

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