Sustaining growth is the key challenge for manufacturing companies, which have suffered more than most from the global economic slowdown.  Fluctuating currency levels and inflationary pressures, have increased the cost of home grown exports, whilst the recession saw demand fall in many sectors.  Although the economic picture is improving, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness are still key to helping companies remain competitive and sustain growth.

Industry expertise

Our team has been integral to some of the highest profile EAM projects in the UK, Europe and Africa, and has extensive experience in all the major manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, food and drink, pharmaceutical, transport, metals and utilities.

By tailoring solutions to the standards, processes and challenges of the manufacturing industry, whilst including specific tools and processes for different sectors, we can help your organisation achieve operational excellence.

Maximo for Asset Management

At Vetasi, we specialise in working with manufacturing companies to implement a single EAM solution to maintain their assets across all asset classes.  Our implementations use Maximo for Asset Management, which is the market leading solution in the EAM space. 

As well as helping organisations improve asset reliability and support lean manufacturing, Maximo improves safety, reliability and compliance performance to reduce maintenance costs and adopt better operational practices.  Furthermore, Maximo specifically addresses industry concerns, such as:

  • Ensuring operations run to plan and the return from production assets is maximised;
  • Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning with manufacturing execution systems and automated manufacturing systems running on the shop floor;
  • Helping businesses to collaborate with their customers and suppliers to respond to changing supply chain and market conditions quickly and cost-effectively;
  • Managing, monitoring and documenting to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Supporting manufacturing concepts, such as Reliability Centred Maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance and Good Manufacturing Practice.

The benefits

Our EAM solutions give businesses enhanced visibility and control of their assets, along with a host of other benefits:

  • A market leading solution that gives complete visibility of maintenance activities and workforces across all sites and asset classes, using a common set of standards for benchmarking;
  • Optimises asset performance and manufacturing processes to help you improve availability and lower the cost of acquisition, maintenance and disposal;
  • Reduces costs and complexity by integrating commercial, manufacturing and financial processes;
  • Combines lean and value thinking with a robust, risk-based project management approach to help implement efficiency improvement programs and increase competitive advantage;
  • Improves safety and compliance with manufacturing industry regulations through the implementation of standards-based work processes;
  • Reduces the time and cost of regulatory reporting;
  • Gives visibility into multiple supply chains and provides logistics services on a global scale;
  • Provide efficiencies in integrated inventory management;
  • Meet customers' expectations for managing their orders;
  • Manages procurement processes;
  • Greater control of manufacturing environment to ensure productivity can meet fluctuations in demand;
  • Manages vendor contracts with comprehensive contract management support;
  • Helps define service offerings and establish service level agreements (SLAs) to help align service levels with business objectives;
  • Flexibility to adjust the solution to changing requirements and work processes;
  • Provides a natural alignment with the international ISO 55000 standard for asset management.

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