With tough economic conditions prevailing, miners must provide assurance that corporate obligations are being achieved and value is delivered in all areas of operations.

Dealing with an increasingly diverse asset portfolio such as Mobile Mining fleet, Fixed Plant and infrastructure, including Rail, Roads and Port facilities, Asset Managers in mining are challenged to effectively manage these assets, deliver optimum performance, whilst minimising costs and mitigating risk.

Industry challenges

Volatile demand and commodity prices, brought about by the Covid pandemic, is the main consideration when making new investments and stay in business capital decisions. As organisations strive to be agile, and optimise value from existing investments, miners continue to confront challenges that impact on their ability to deliver value including:

  • a commitment to workforce safety
  • a focus on cost containment and effective stay in business capital investment
  • the shortage of skills and retention of knowledge
  • the drive for continuous improvement of towards operational excellence
  • environmental and regulatory compliance
  • the efficient & effective Life Cycle management of Physical Assets

Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Accelerator solution for mining is more than software. It provides a pre-configured integrated process, standards and advisory services that empowers Mining organisations to address these challenges and deliver sustainable business value.

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