Oil & Gas

Find out why companies around the world, such as Ineos Group, Chrysaor and BP use us as their preferred Asset Management Partner.

We understand that asset management in the energy sector goes beyond the traditional boundaries of maintenance.  Without catering for the broad requirements of Integrated Operations, an asset management system has limited use.  A more holistic approach, incorporating supply chain & logistics, product lifecycle management, risk registers, work permits, incident management, and event management, is therefore key to any successful EAM implementation.

Industry expertise

Our team has been integral to many high profile oil & gas contracts and has an in-depth understanding of this highly regulated environment.  Many of our consultants come from an engineering background and can offer consultancy and advice based on decades’ worth of asset management experience, including work for  Offshore Exploration, Drilling Contractors, Production Operators, Downstream Refining and associated Service Companies. 

By tailoring solutions to the standards, processes and challenges of the oil & gas industry, and including specific tools and processes for different sectors, we can help your organisation achieve operational excellence.

Maximo for Oil & Gas

At Vetasi, we specialise in working with Oil & Gas companies to implement a single EAM solution to maintain their assets across all asset classes.  Our implementations begin using our Vetasi Maximo for Oil & Gas accelerator, which is the market leading solution in the EAM space. 

As well as helping organisations improve safety, reliability and compliance performance to reduce costs and adopt better operational practices, Maximo for Oil & Gas specifically addresses industry concerns, such as standard solutions for failure reporting, asset specifications, location details, prioritisation matrix, regulatory compliance and condition for work. As well as our own bespoke solutions for manifesting, scheduling, asset criticality assessment and offshore replication.

This ‘out of the box’ functionality matches the advanced performance of a bespoke product, but at a much lower price point, whilst shortening implementation times and reducing overall project costs.

The benefits

Our EAM solutions give Oil & Gas companies enhanced visibility and control of their assets, along with a host of other benefits:

  • A market leading solution that tracks the full asset lifecycle from exploration, development, operations, maintenance and decommission;
  • Imports standard asset specification data, allowing you to classify assets for certification, licensing, trend analysis and equipment standardisation;
  • Bridges the gap and improves communication between operations and maintenance;
  • Provides a matrix-based system of work or risk prioritisation;
  • Improves oilfield recovery and increases well performance;
  • Improves labour utilisation through better workforce management and automated distribution of work;
  • Utilises VARM Manifesting and Logistics Manager to fully optimise your supply chain;
  • Reduces maintenance costs through streamlining business processes;
  • Increases planned maintenance; shift to true preventive, condition-based and predictive maintenance;
  • Standardises, rationalises and reduces the carrying costs of inventory;
  • Achieves safe and reliable operations in a complex and changing environment;
  • Manages safety planning, incident management, Health Safety & Environment (HSE) regulations, and permit to work;
  • Manages compliance with environmental laws and regulations (including air emissions, water quality, waste water discharges, solid wastes, hazardous materials, and substance management) for relevant registrations, permits, licenses, inspections, and regulatory approvals;
  • Tracks contracts – remove supply bottlenecks, negotiate better vendor supply and O & M contracts;
  • Provides a natural alignment with the international ISO 55000 standard for asset management.

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