Bespoke Solutions and Tools

Tailored solutions based on proven technologies 

Vetasi works with partner company Opsenio to create bespoke software solutions, tailored to fit unique requirements. Our core focus is the understanding of the immediate challenges or opportunities and the value our solution is required to create. We collaborate with our clients to define the required functionality while controlling scope and costs. With pre-defined business goals, we measure the success of the project by calculating the value our solution delivers. 

The right tools
Together with our clients, the right architecture is chosen, a decision that impacts any solutions life cycle costs. Bespoke solutions are created using both monolithic and microservice applications. A monolithic application contains all features and functions in one application and one codebase. A microservice consists of only one feature or function. Several microservices can combine into a flexible solution to solve larger, more complex business challenges while staying flexible to adapt to changes. 
Benefits to organisations: 

- Functionality is tailored to the organisations’ unique needs, in collaboration with users 
- Flexibility to navigate rapidly changing needs and trends
- Ergonomics are adapted to the habits of users for enhanced ease of use, improved productivity and a shorter learning process
- Architecture can accommodate reusable services for use across different and 
  independent processes
- Directly influence the creation of IT architecture leading to competitive advantage 

Benefits to end-users: 

- Shorter system learning requirements 
- Easy and intuitive use of the system
- Improved system ergonomics
- Addresses customer non-standard needs that cannot be realised in other systems
- Process support through tailor-made tools
- Information is tailored to users’ needs preventing information overload 

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