IIoT and Predictive Maintenance

Drive automation of asset maintenance

In the era of Industry 4.0 and the availability of real-time analytics, coupled with AI and machine learning, there is now the ability to drive automation of asset maintenance, speed up operations and reduce costs.

Our Predictive Maintenance solutions collect critical asset performance information including wear, performance and usage from a variety of process, operational and asset-specific data sources. This information results in statistical and predictive models that are integrated into the asset maintenance process. 

Utilising existing Enterprise Asset and Integrated Workplace Management systems, the wealth of data organisations already have is turned into actionable intelligence. By integrating monitoring devices and analytics tools with your EAM system, we deliver powerful asset maintenance automation.

The benefits:

The benefits of investing in predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 include: 

• Reduced asset downtime (higher asset’s availability)
• Optimised production processes due to minimised risk of asset failure
• Improved productivity of maintenance resources
• Reduced cost of asset failure and overall cost of asset maintenance
• Improved services for customers due to improved asset reliability
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