ISO 55000 Alignment

Guidance to maximise value from asset portfolios

ISO 55000 is a standard developed to define an appropriate management system, applicable across all asset classes, industries, and organisations, with the understanding that it needs to be tailored to fit a specific organisation and judiciously implemented to be effective.
Our team’s credentials and qualifications are fully endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management and are experts in delivering the business value of well-structured asset management systems that enable organisations to balance life cycle cost, risk and performance across their asset portfolios.

How we deliver value

 - By investing to understand your business, we evaluate whether your team will benefit from a high-level alignment to define an effective management system for Asset Management.
 - Our deep experience across multiple industries equips us with the insights to understand and quantify why and how effective asset management will benefit an organisation. 
 - Considering the current situation and business drivers, we collaborate to create a holistic plan that unlocks this value. 

The benefits of a maturity growth journey with Vetasi:

-  Qualified, experienced, and certified asset management practitioners work with your team in a structured evidence-based and transparent approach. 
- As has been well proven, focussing on one AM subject or improvement technique at a time is not effective; we define value buckets, consisting of several tasks that will together deliver measurable value.
- By developing a roadmap of milestones that are focussed on sequentially, we create a stepwise improvement program with associated ROI.
ISO 55000 certification

Where an ISO 55000 certification is the end goal of an engagement, we follow a formal process of understanding, declaring, and managing any conflicts of interest. This ensures that your certifications reflect an independent, evidence-based decision in line with the process requirements of the Institute of Asset Management, our certification body.