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Find out why companies, such as MITIE, JLL and Vinci Facilities, use us as their preferred Work & Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Partner.

To win and keep the business, in-house service departments and Facilities Management outsourcers alike must offer their customers two key assurances - cost control and service improvement.  Balancing those two competing pressures is key to winning new business and evolving with your current clients.  The pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency is crucial to win contracts and operate profitably, whilst the pressure to add value and improve workplace efficiency is key to longevity of client/service provider contracts.

Industry expertise

Our team has been integral to some of the UK's highest profile EAM solutions using Maximo for the service provider with our APEX solution and Planon, an IWMS product, for the building owner. Both of which are specifically designed to meet the need of FM and Real Estate teams, whether looking after multiple service contracts or a wide property portfolio.

These industry leading solutions help make smart decisions on your property portfolio, make buildings smarter and increase workplace productivity, and reduce costs for both service providers and building owners by providing multi-customer functionality from a single installed platform.

Key benefits to choosing our solutions

Our EAM solutions provide enhanced visibility and control of assets, along with a host of other benefits:

  • Improved Asset Performance - tracking asset details, location, work  and cost history;
  • More informed decisions and a faster response to market changes;
  • Reduce operating costs/down times boost the perfomance and behaviours of your people and building assets
  • Reduce non-revenue-generating time of employees;
  • Ensures required performance levels are met;
  • Minimised risk of business disruptions and performance penalties;
  • Reduced revenue deferred due to work in progress;
  • Allows companies to service more clients with same staffing levels;
  • Better understanding of your costs in order to price more competitively;
  • Increased customer satisfaction for competitive advantage;
  • Increased business generation with existing customer base;
  • Wins contracts for additional value-added services;
  • ‘Out of the box’ functionality shortens implementation times and reduces project costs;
  • The advanced functionality of a bespoke product, but at a much lower price point;
  • Provides a natural alignment with the international ISO 55000 standard for asset management.
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