Vetasi offers a variety of performance verification services for Maximo installations, including performance testing, monitoring and tuning, using the latest performance tools from Reflective Solutions.

Customised Maximo installations can often suffer from performance and scalability problems, which typically manifest themselves during peak business usage. It is simple to inadvertently introduce performance problems which significantly degrade or destabilise Maximo. It is vital to performance test Maximo systems at regular intervals during implementation projects so that performance defects can be identified and rectified in a timely way.

It is also advisable to monitor performance. Over time, various changes in a Maximo system can impact on scalability and performance. As users become more proficient, they start to use Maximo in unanticipated ways, potentially placing unexpected load on the application and servers. Patches and updates can also cause issues, and response times can degrade gradually, or in some cases instantly, when the system undergoes changes.

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