Event start date: 16th May 2011

Enabling maintenance of complex asset structures -presented by Paul Taylor, Vetasi

Maintaining their physical assets is crucial to customer delivery and the financial health of water companies.

Water production/supply is a homogeneous structure required to deliver demand that varies regularly across the supply chain. The industry uses District Metered Areas to manage supplies to an area; the ability to change DMAs to suit demand is key. This is achieved by changes in pumping stations and valve settings. When assets are reset that change needs to be reflected in a hierarchic relational structure in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. South Staffordshire Water (SSW) have configured ARCgis so that the changes in the supply areas can be identified graphically; once identified the new asset structure can be automatically reflected in the EAM system, a job that would take hundreds of hours manually can now be done interactively in minutes. The presentation will highlight the technical challenges overcome to achieve the functionality and so enable the significant financial benefits.

The Esri UK Annual Conference 2011, entitled New Approaches for our Changing World, will explore how organisations can gain strategic advantage from taking a geographic approach to inform its business-critical decisions, leading to new insights, greater collaboration and efficiency improvements.

The conference will demonstrate how geographic information system (GIS) technology is being used as a strategic and operational tool to inform business decisions in order to make organisations more efficient and effective.

This two‐day conference offers learning and networking opportunities to gather key information, access resources and interact with Esri UK technical and business experts as well as Esri UK’s Partners.  The Plenary Session is where you will hear directly from Esri UK Managing Director, Richard Waite about the benefits of Enterprise GIS and from Chief Technology Officer, Charles Kennelly, about Esri’s new release ArcGIS 10.1. plus hearing from visionary leaders from the private and public sector. The application based sessions across a range of relevant areas on day two are designed to give exactly what is needed to move organisations forward in the coming months.

Overall you will learn first-hand about real‐world innovations in geographic information system (GIS) technology and how you can drive greater efficiencies within your organisation in the coming year. 

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