Event start date: 16th June 2011

Managing Your Assets: real-time visibility with real-time benefits!

Critical asset management can have an enormous impact on a company's bottom line. That is why organisations around the world are seeking to improve operational efficiencies, safety and asset utilisation while reducing risks and costs. 

By providing real-time location of existing resources, enhanced asset visibility and management is one way organisations are driving increased production results, enhanced safety and improved operational risk management. With the increasingly affordable and widespread availability of sensor and actuator technologies, real-time asset tracking and management visibility exemplifies a smarter approach for chemical and petroleum companies.

Join IBM and Zebra Technologies on June 16, at 16:00 BST, to hear, learn and discuss how the oil and gas industry is deploying new processes as well as better leveraging technology to implement

real-time asset location capabilities.

Why Attend:

Learn how companies are:

  • Improving asset utilisation and employee productivity while reducing risks, safety issues and costs by identifying and tracking the current location of existing resources
  • Reducing capital expenditure by minimizing asset loss and shrinkage while reducing unnecessary asset purchases
  • Enforcing business rules and regulatory requirements with location-based events and automatically triggered workflow

Our Speakers:

William Ely, WW Oil & Gas Industry Executive, Enterprise Asset Management, IBM

Billy Moton, Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture, IBM Sensors & Actuators — RFID, IBM

Euro Beinat, Vice President, Location Solutions, Zebra Enterprise Solutions

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