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Thinking Inside & Outside the Utilities box

Utilities, on a global scale, are now facing unprecedented challenges due to population growth, climate change, and resource scarcity, all the while, having to operate in the uncertain world of a pandemic.

Managing long term asset health and the application of appropriate technologies are central to responding to these challenges, not forgetting to surpass consumer expectations, meet regulatory obligations, and leave the environment better than you found it.

The Art of the Possible

Introducing the Vetasi Webinar Series for Utilities - International Cross-Industry Learning & Collaboration

In this webinar series, leading industry experts will be collaborating across industries to bring you key learnings critical to the success of the Power, Water and Gas Utilities sector now, and in the near future. During this collection of webinars, attendees will hear from real-world experts on subjects such as:

  • Digital transformation - A Digital Twin success story from Unilever, the manufacturing giant!
  • ISO 55000 asset management standards for the Utility Industry
  • Asset data management - aligning the technical and financial asset registers
  • Field force optimisation - dynamic scheduling, and field worker performance management.
  • Mobile solutions and so must more…

Download the full agenda:

Join Vetasi, an IBM gold business partner, and our selection of international speakers who are global leaders in their field, for a webinar series to explore how utilities can respond. We are looking forward to sharing this webinar series with you.

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Thinking Inside & Outside the Utilities box