Bristol, United Kingdom, October 19 2022

GRAHAME FOGEL, an internationally experienced and recognised Asset Management Specialist, has joined Vetasi as Global Director Asset Management. He will assist Vetasi in growing its consulting capability globally.

Fogel was involved in the working committee of the International Standardisation Committee (ISO) developing the ISO55000 standards for asset management. ISO 55000 is the international set of standards most widely adopted and implemented of any set of standards developed under the auspices of the ISO.  

Fogel’s expertise was sought by clients in more than 20 countries and include clients like Chevron, Pfizer, Anglo American, American Electric Power, Rio Tinto, Ford, Astra Zeneca and Equinor.

He has deep experience in the energy and power generation industries, covering i.e. system improvement, asset management strategy development, reliability engineering, defect elimination and asset condition monitoring.

Fogel received numerous awards, including the SA Asset Management Association’s special achievement award. His work with PJB is globally recognised and studied as a leading power generation improvement project.

He is a contributor to the Physical Asset Management Handbook, produced chapters and articles in numerous publications and is a sought-after mentor and asset management tutor.

Jarosław Łukasiewicz, Group CEO of Vetasi says Vetasi is honoured that Grahame Fogel joins the company as the Global Director Asset Management. “His expertise and deep knowledge in the industry is almost unmatched. Vetasi and its clients will reap the benefits from his knowledge, wisdom and talent to intuitively identify key problem areas and the development of practical solutions.”

Grahame said Vetasi with their offices in Poland, the Ukraine, Spain, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia is a well-established brand and will now offer a comprehensive set of consulting solutions to supplement the existing offering. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work not only with the top management, but with extremely astute and solution driven young engineers.

“It is exciting to share my experience with the dynamic Vetasi team. Vetasi is just the kind of innovative organisation with an entrepreneurial and practical approach that I gladly will, where possible, further infuse with my insight and expertise.”  

Some of Grahame’s publications can be read and downloaded on Reliability web

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Grahame Fogel Announcement