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Can Enterprise Asset Management applications really exist in the Cloud?

If you’re a CIO or you meet with senior IT professionals on a regular basis, you will know that cloud computing gets a regular slot in your company’s IT strategy meetings. It is changing the way that companies are able to deliver services and within virtually every sector, cloud computing and big data analytics is changing the focus of IT expenditure and core deliverables. However, there remains an understandably high degree of apprehension as strategic leaders within Asset Intensive organisations consider whether to adopt cloud solutions, or stick to traditionally deployed Enterprise applications.

As both technology and knowledge of solutions take regular leaps forward, there is growing pressure for companies to review their options. Traditionally, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platforms have forced clients to purchase and sustain significant investments in both hardware and technical support skills. However, CIOs’ are coming to recognise that this can distract them away from their core businesses and that managed services could provide them with a viable solution.

“Cloud users save an average of 21% by moving apps to the cloud.”*

What are the factors to consider when reviewing your cloud strategies?

In Scott Mattheson’s blog post How cloud computing will impact the on-premise data center, professionals agree that the value and efficiencies of Cloud Adoption come not from physical servers or cheaper storage, but from vendors who can provide comprehensive architectures and infrastructure that tackle the many facets of a properly ‘managed service’. The location of the data centre is not as important as the services that surround the offering. This is why Vetasi has created a range of secure and highly flexible cloud solutions for Maximo, which can exist both off-site and within your own data-centre, whilst offering an unparalleled infrastructure that can be deployed within hours.

But it’s a lot more than hosting…

As a leading solutions provider for Asset intensive industries, we know we have to offer more than the core Maximo services to our clients. In order to deliver effective Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, a common infrastructure needs to exist to support the management of the entire organisation and its supply chain. This is why our “Virtual Private Cloud” solutions include the following elements: Customer & Sub-contractor portals;

  • Web-based client portals;
  • Analytical software than generate dashboards;
  • Mobile applications for your own staff and sub-contractors;
  • Integration to customer CRM & Billing Systems;
  • Identity Management & Master Data frameworks;
  • Integration to meters, sensors and intelligence asset & infrastructure data.

A solution that grows with your business

All of the features listed above are already available within the platform, with many pre-defined elements of the solution ready to be switched on. This reduces the lead-time to delivery dramatically and means you can start getting more information, control and automation to help run your business the way you want to.

Our solution offers complete flexibility so you only pay for the computing resources that you really need and over time, you can scale your environment by adding new users, applications and cloud services as your organisation grows. Furthermore, we monitor all resource usage to ensure optimum application performance.

For more information on Vetasi’s Cloud solutions for Maximo, please call our sales team on 08434 610061, or email
*Source: Business Insider