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Kharkiv postwar restoration and development led by IBM Maximo, supported by Vetasi

On Tuesday, 16th of August 2022 the Kharkiv City Council signed a memorandum of understanding with IBM. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov and Director of IBM Ukraine LLC Anton Serov took part in the signing of the document.

“This Memorandum of understanding was signed between the Kharkiv City Council and the IBM Company as a bright sign of our achievements and plans for future cooperation.” says Kharkiv City Mayor Igor Terekhov


Video provided by Kharkiv News  

IBM’s representatives explained that they would provide the city with free software, IT-services and assist with Kharkiv’s post-war restoration and importantly – the rebuilding of the digital services. They also stated that the city can rely on their long-term assistance.

According to Igor Terekhov, the city authorities must quickly and efficiently calculate all costs associated with restoration, repairs, and reconstruction due to the destruction of Kharkiv’s housing stock and infrastructure. IBM’s enterprise asset management software, IBM Maximo will assist the specialised department of the City Council. The software will be provided free of charge to Kharkiv by IBM.

“Specialists will use it to keep track of damaged objects, plan the cost of their maintenance and repair, and manage relationships between utilities, contractors, and managers. We are currently working on the implementation of software for asset, facility, and resource management in the field of housing and communal services… Today we will take another step forward. This agreement calls for our continued collaboration in the city’s restoration efforts. We will attract best practices and rebuild our city thanks to you and our other international partners.” says Igor Terekhov

Furthermore, one of the key areas of future collaboration between the City Council and IBM is assisting in the design and construction of a modern smart city. This collaboration will be successful thanks to three parties: IBM, our Polish business partner Vetasi, and the City Council team.

“As IBM gold business partners and IBM Maximo experts, we are excited to participate and contribute to the rebuilding and uplifting of our Ukrainian neighbours. We will collaborate with IBM and the City Council team in planning and implementing of digital projects in the field of housing and communal services. Additionally, we will assist in the implementation of digital innovations and technologies, such as the Internet of Things and IBM software, for the city’s infrastructure and asset management, data analysis, and business process improvements.” Explains Jarosław Lukasiewicz, Group CEO of the Vetasi group.

Sergey Sokhatskiy, Vetasi Ukraine MD says “Our colleagues at Vetasi Poland and IBM Ukraine have been tremendously helpful to our local team. The combined knowledge of our collective teams will drive the projects, and we would like to encourage other partners to also participate in numerous development projects throughout Ukraine.”

IBM will provide access to technologies and solutions that will enable the Kharkiv City Council to develop a solution for the construction of a modern asset management system. At the same time, Vetasi will provide specialists and share their experience in developing such solutions to meet PoC targets.