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Warsaw, Poland

Vetasi and DES: Bringing the power of Infrastructure Visual inspection to IBM Maximo

The Vetasi Group, a leading international enterprise asset and facilities management consultancy, has announced a strategic partnership with Digital Engineering Solutions (DES), which will bring the power of DES’ Infrastructure Visual Inspections to Maximo.
DES is a high-tech startup that has won several international awards for its patent protected digital-twin and computer vision-based software for optimal infrastructure asset management and related services.

“Since winning the MIT Enterprise Forum for Central Eastern Europe in 2020, we’ve been on an incredible journey with DES.” It is the ideal time to commercialise the partnership into something bigger, global and more strategic,” explains Jarosław Łukasiewicz, CEO of the Vetasi Group. Vetasi’s collaboration with DES provides us access to the rapidly expanding infrastructure market. “DES’ technology will add immediate tangible value to the infrastructure industry; it’s an ideal complement to Vetasi’s already impressive technology stack.”

The inspection solution generates precise critical infrastructure data that is simple to collect and analyse. It enables companies to make informed decisions about maintenance activities and priorities. When used in conjunction with Maximo, these decisions can be automated for maximum efficiency.

“DES is thrilled to be officially partnering with Vetasi and gaining access to broader IBM family; it has already been a great experience and a truly remarkable story for DES,” says Jan Winkler, Co-CEO of Digital Engineering Solutions. “With Vetasi’s global presence, we are expanding into new regions and markets. “We are ready to enter the ever-changing world of IoT and Digital Twins with Vetasi, combining the strength of IBM Maximo, leading enterprise asset management software, and DES’ BIM technology.”

About DES

DES is an award-winning, high-tech start-up that develops digital twin and computer vision-based software for optimal infrastructure asset management and related services. DES is a pioneer in connecting AI with the image analysis and mobile tools to reduce costs and risks in the ACE industry.

Experts from various fields, including optoelectronics, robotics, artificial neural networks, machine learning, structural health monitoring, programming, BIM, AR, probability modelling, risk assessment, and predictive maintenance, have contributed to DES’ unique offering.

Working on industrial and research projects all over the world, the DES team of experts gained professional knowledge (United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Colombia).

DES has more than 30 years of combined consulting, industry, and research experience. DES technology is patent protected, ISO certified and globally scalable.  See 

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