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Vetasi recruit Tony Turner in a new role as Projects Director

The Board of Directors at Vetasi are pleased to announce the appointment of Tony Turner as Projects Director.  He brings with him over 35 years of industry experience and 18 years of Maximo implementation experience.

In this role Tony will manage the sales aspects of Vetasi’s Engagement Managers and as such will assume responsibility for all Project and Software revenues from our existing accounts in Vetasi UK.

Prior to joining Vetasi, Tony was the General Manager for eSolutions Maximo in the Northern Gulf.  He has successfully managed some of the largest and most successful Maximo implementations worldwide including:

Maintenance Team Leader at the Gasco implementation (1,500 Maximo users, four desert gas plants, pipelines and export terminal) in Abu Dhabi

  1. Project Manager at ADWEA (3,000 Maximo Users in three generation companies, 2 distribution, 1 transmission company in single implementation with full integration to Oracle FInancials).
  2. Project Director at Kuwait National Guard (500 Users covering FM, Vehicles, Weapons Systems, Stores, Purchasing).
  3. Project Manager at KNPC (3,200 Maximo users in three large refineries, 100 petrol stations and HQ in single implementation with integration to Oracle Financials, Primavera).
  4. Project Manager at KOC (5,500 Maximo Users covering upstream oil business including wells, pipelines, gathering centres, marine fleet, export facilities, housing, transportation, offices, roads, IT with integration to 12 legacy systems).

In addition to the above, Tony has also had considerable experience in Defence, Transportation, Facilities Management and other industries. Whilst he was at eSolutions, the company has grown to over 100 Maximo consultants with 240 successful implementations of Maximo.

In taking up the new role of Projects Director at Vetasi, Tony is looking to make the following contribution towards the continuing success of Vetasi and the partnership approach with its clients:

  1. Continue the excellent Vetasi track record of delivering successful Maximo implementations.
  2. Develop Vetasi’s reputation as the leading innovator of Maximo implementations in the Utilities, Water, Rail and FM sectors.
  3. Continue to build on the excellent relationship that Vetasi has with its existing and future client base.

Tony brings with him enormous Maximo experience and an excellent track record. He will be an invaluable asset to our clients and we are delighted to have him on board.