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Vetasi’s Educational Trust invests in youth development at grassroots level

The Vetasi Educational Trust (VET) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to extend and improve learning opportunities for young black South Africans growing up in conditions of poverty, by funding grassroots education initiatives. Quantifiably, the work of Vetasi’s Educational Trust will facilitate an increase in the number of empowered young black people and especially females with viable post-matric opportunities, through bursaries in the IT and engineering domains.

Vetasi Educational Trust is collaborating with Missio Dei Education (MDE), who are involved in the planning and management of the afterschool programs, that are focused on assisting children struggling with school subjects. VET and MDE conducted a site visit on Wednesday, the 6th of April at Kutung Primary School, in Soshanguve, North of Pretoria.

At Kutung Primary School, the programme provides 60 preselected learners in Grade 3 and Grade 4, with a high-quality education, which includes Mathematics and English. The learners are self-paced. Each learner progresses at his or her own pace and receives individualised attention to ensure that they develop strong social and learning skills. The learners’ progress is continuously monitored and encouraged.

The personnel at Kutung Primary School are volunteers from the community and are young, African females who serve as extra class teachers (ECT). The aim is to help each learner to find and fully develop their subject knowledge and self-confidence. The programme also focuses on the personal development of the ECT’s, through continuous intensive training in the programme. Due to their experience and involvement at the school, they are regularly selected by the Department of Basic Education to serve as assistants at the school, thus creating opportunities for young people to develop their capacities and skills and acting as role models for future generations.

Ms Sylvia “Thandiwe” Kgaditsi, the Programme Overseer, shares this vision and said, “extra class teachers and the staff wish for the programme to be expanded to more learners each year.” The Kutung Primary School Principal, Mr. Ben Mooka added, “thanks to Missio Dei Education and Vetasi Educational Trust for choosing our school out of the many schools in Soshanguve and to the parents for allowing the children to attend the afterschool programme, where they learn important values and morals from a Christian point of view. The school pass rates are improving, and the learners are more confident when speaking English.”

“Vetasi Educational Trust intends to expand its investments in education, such as the MDE’s after-school programme, beyond Kutung Primary School and to form partnerships with other schools. Furthermore, VET will assign competent and passionate Vetasi staff to lead and help with the outreach programmes and activities. It is this type of impact that not only changes the lives of the learners, but also of their families and future generations as well. “We believe that a better future can only be achieved by investing in our youth” says Bouke Spoelstra, Director Vetasi South Africa.