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Vetasi’s new solution offering – Maximo SME Cloud

SME Cloud

An effective Asset Management strategy is important to a wide variety of businesses. Whether you are a manufacturer, a facilities or fleet management service provider, there’s a real need to keep accurate records on all day-to-day activities.

SMEs and large corporations may approach things differently, but keeping on top of operational activity is at the heart of all good business practice.

Vetasi has tailored an Asset Management and Maintenance service that specifically and squarely addresses the needs of SME users, enabling them to address key areas of business, such as:

  • Asset Maintenance – Is preventative maintenance overlooked, due to a constant stream of reactive work requests?
  • Work Orders – How are they generated? How are they managed? How are they audited?
  • Limited resources – can you demonstrate to the company that you need more staff? What data or tools are at your disposal to illustrate this?
  • Performance metrics or SLAs  – are you meeting internal targets? Are your customers happy?

Vetasi, IBM’s only AAA-accredited Maximo Partner in the UK, has created an affordable turnkey EAM solution based upon Maximo 7, IBM’s flagship EAM product.

  • Hosted in a secure environment that most (if not all) SME’s would find difficult to achieve
  • Automatic updates and upgrades – no business disruption and 100% future-proof
  • Rapid deployment – ‘hot-swapped’ across after (or even during) training programme
  • No hardware  – no acquisition costs or ongoing management responsibility
  • A fixed all-inclusive per-user monthly fee – OPEX not CAPEX
  • Outsourced to EAM experts – leaving you to be experts in what you do
  • Flexible and accessible – anywhere, anytime access

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