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Why Upgrade to Maximo V7.6?

Maximo V7.6 finally arrived in December offering several key new improvements on previous releases. Whilst we are encouraging customers to plan to upgrade their systems to this latest version, those on V7.1 should take particular note as this will cease to be supported by IBM from April 2015 and this date is fast approaching!

So what’s new in V7.6?

This latest generation of Maximo software expands on previous versions to offer users a better look and feel, enhanced navigation, along with improved performance and reporting capabilities.

New look and feel

Maximo has adopted a skin previously used in other products. This means that labels can now be displayed vertically. The new navigation bar means it is easier to find applications without having to navigate through different sub-menus.
A new Recent Applications List ensures that frequently used applications are always quick to find and hover dialog boxes have been implemented, allowing users to hover over a field (e.g. userid) and see additional details, e.g. contact details for that person.


The Maximo front-end has been analysed and the HTML reduced to ensure that pages are built and returned to the user quicker. This should also help customers using accessibility tools, such as screen readers

Record locking

A number of customers have previously experienced the ‘Record has been updated by another user’ error when another user saves a record that they were editing. Maximo V7.6 now allows users to lock a record for editing to prevent this from happening.

Better support for multiple tenants

Maximo now makes it easier for customers who have multiple clients logging into Maximo, typically those using Service Provider.
The application has been built so that users from one client can have their own specific configurations, e.g. own users, messages, screen presentations, and records.
Please note that DB2 must be used as the Maximo database to use this feature.

Cognos reports

IBM have delivered a Cognos 10.2.1 implementation as part of V7.6. This will complement the BIRT reporting option and includes a number of Business Intelligence packs (sets of reports) to allow users to see more management type reports.

BIRT reports

BIRT has been upgraded to 4.3.1, allowing it to take advantage of improvements in the BIRT engine.

New features have also been added to help identify runaway reports and help cancel them, whilst user built query based reports now include the ability to include summaries/calculations in the output, rather than having to export the raw data into Excel.

KPI viewer application

Users have complained in the past about poor performance due to start centres displaying lots of KPIs. Maximo now includes a separate KPI viewer application to see the KPIs, so that start centres can load more quickly.
In addition, the information centre help system is being replaced by the Knowledge Centre, which provides better search facilities and easier ways to group favourite articles together.

Installer changes

Customers wishing to install Maximo 7.6 themselves will find that the installer has had an overhaul and is now easier to use, particularly for complex installations.

Other benefits

For users on versions pre-7.5, the latest generation software also offers significant functionality enhancements in the areas of: asset management, configuration tooling, global deployment, migration tooling, preventative maintenance, planning, reporting, safety, service management, supply chain, and work management. Furthermore, there is a proven path to upgrade with the IBM Maximo/Tivoli upgrade utility.

In addition to the core Maximo enhancements mentioned above, we also offer numerous Industry Solutions and Add-ons to Maximo 7.6 that were not available in the earliest releases. These include:

  • The new IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler, where clients can view, schedule, assign and dispatch work orders graphically in a Gantt chart view. The dispatch module also includes a Map interface showing the technicians routing.
  • The Maximo HSE add on, including Incident reporting, Investigations, Action Tracking, Management of Change and Work Permits.
  • The Maximo Transportation Industry Solution.
  • The Maximo Oil & Gas Industry Solution, including the HSE Add On, ISO Failure codes and Drilling Completion.
  • The Maximo Utilities Industry Solution, including Spatial, Compatible Unit Estimating and Crew Management.
  • The Maximo Nuclear Industry Solution.
  • The new Maximo Mobile Suite of Applications.
  • Maximo Everyplace, run Maximo from your iPhone or iPad.

How to upgrade?

Whilst users on V7.5 can upgrade automatically, users on V7.1 should take particular note as the EOS for this version will be effective from April 2015, so we are urging these customers to start planning for their upgrade now.

To further enhance your upgrade and planning, we recommend managed transitions through our Professional Services Team, who have led some of the UK’s highest profile upgrade projects across the FM, utilities, transportation, oil and gas, life sciences, manufacturing and mining industries.

Our extensive experience of Maximo and the upgrade process, particularly in regulated environments, ensures a seamless transition to Maximo 7.6, in addition to numerous other benefits:

  • Skilled in dealing with large volumes of data and eliminating prospective system down-time;
  • Ensuring the accuracy of data transfer and testing to ensure an error-free upgrade;
  • Highly experienced in complicated/older system upgrades;
  • Ability to offer business consulting services to enhance upgrade implementations and simplify business processes;
  • Hands-on industry experience, which give us a unique understanding of each industry specific set of challenges and compliance requirements.

Further information

Useful videos and documentation explaining the new V7.6 user enhancements of V7.6 can be found via the following link:

For more information on Maximo V7.6 and how to upgrade, please email

Why Upgrade To Maximo V7