We are delighted to announce the creation of our new Request for Enhancement blog page, where you can get all the latest updates on Vetasi’s RFE requests for IBM Maximo, along with details of how you can join our campaigns to get the features you need into Maximo!

What is Request for Enhancement?

As part of IBM’s work to continually improve and develop core product functionality and act on customer feedback, they have introduced the Request for Enhancement (RFE) process.

At Vetasi we fully support this initiative and are working with a number of our clients to campaign for IBM to implement a number of enhancement requests; however, each of these requests needs your support!

This blog will list the RFEs that we are raising and/or promoting and you are likely to benefit from.

Vetasi are also happy to raise RFEs for individual customers and perform the important work of promoting that amongst our customer base and the wider Maximo community to raise the votes to show IBM that an issue is important.

As the largest IBM Partner services team for IBM Maximo in Europe and Africa, we are in a unique position to use our knowledge of customer needs to ensure that an RFE has the best chance of gathering support. We have a large number of RFEs in the top 25 most voted for Maximo Asset Management RFEs. A significant number of those are candidates for future releases.

Please get involved and join the campaign! For more information, please read our latest blog posts or email me (mark.robbins@vetasi.com) if you would like to join our RFE mailing list.

Mark Robbins

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