Suppress the rich text content of Rich Text Fields on export

This applies to late versions of 7.5 and 7.6 and Control desk. The feature it refers to allows records to store data with formatting e.g. underlining. This formatting can cause problems when passed to external systems. This RFE is designed to remove that formatting so the far end system doesn’t have to handle it. This could save system administrators a lot of work as they don’t have to handle failed messages.

How do I vote?

You can vote by clicking on the link and then selecting the link at the bottom of the RFE to vote for it. Please also click on the “Add to my watchlist” link to also show your interest. In practice this doesn’t seem to result in additional emails etc.

You may be presented with an advert/dialog box for IBM Bluemix. This is not related to the RFE in anyway.

Untick all the boxes and click continue to visit the screen to vote.

If this RFE is for a component that you don’t use then there are still reasons to vote for this as described in “Why vote for a change to a solution/component that my company does not use?”

Why vote for a change to a solution/component that my company does not use?

There are several reasons:

  1. Maximo has a number of common components so a change in one solution may be applicable to your solution (e.g. IBM Cloud Control Desk uses the same framework as Maximo Asset Management)
  2. As the Maximo product improves it makes it easier to sell in the future which encourages IBM to invest more in the product.
  3. Your company may also adopt the component at some point in the future.
  4. Maximo development is split across a number of teams/locations.

Industry solutions (e.g. Service Provider) and components (e.g. Scheduler) are developed by separate teams of developers who are not part of the core Maximo team that work on the major Maximo releases (e.g. 7.6).

This means that you can vote to influence the product and it won’t take resources away from RFEs your company is interested in.

If everyone consistently votes together then other people will vote for RFEs that your company is interested in.

RFE Process

If you would like to see more about the RFE process then take a few minutes to view the Tivoli User Group webcasts on the subject.

Steve’s replay:

Mark’s replay:

IBM tutorials-

Raising RFEs

RFEs need to be written like business cases and require careful wording. If you have an idea for a possible enhancement then contact me and I can investigate how feasible it is and I can raise it and promote it to gain the most votes. This is normally provided free of charge.

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