We are delighted to announce that our team, has influenced an important change to IBM’s Request for Enhancement (RFE) process.

During a recent Maximo User Group forum, we requested that the length of time that a rejected RFE can be resubmitted be reduced from 18 months.  Representatives from IBM discussed our request internally and reached an agreement to reduce the time to 12 months.

Having the other members of the User Group at the forum helped to show that this issue was of concern to many other Maximo users and not just Vetasi.  The time reduction is important because it gives customers and business partners a better chance to persuade IBM to reconsider a previously rejected RFE. 

This is a great example of the value of the Maximo User Group and how its influence has helped us, with the support of other Maximo Users, push forward this process change at IBM.

Mark Robbins

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