BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D digital model (think AUTOCAD Revit 3D) that contains both the physical and functional details of the building plus the equipment contained within. Created during the design and build phases of construction it is normally updated after commissioning to reflect any structural or functional changes. 

The integration of the BIM application data with Maximo provides rapid access to the latest plant data, and accurate information for planning and estimations, leading to a reduction in time for work order management and the optimization of maintenance labour resources.

How BIM Asset Data Looks in Maximo;

bim asset data in maximo

The integration of BIM data with MAXIMO, based on COBIe standards (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange), allows the Maintenance Department access to the latest and most complete set of data, updated continuously to reflect the real location of the asset and the assets that are connected or nearby. Accessing this data in Maximo you can visualize and measure the dimensions and volumes of space available to perform the work, existing environmental factors etc, providing more information to plan the work than usually contained in the Asset Management System.

Nevertheless, due to the complexity and typical volume of BIM data, it is fundamental to identify the information that is required from the BIM system, and how it is classified, prior to transferring the relevant data to Maximo. The process of loading this information into Maximo can be costly, time consuming, and may introduce errors.

Our specialist Maximo team can assist companies with the automatic loading of the BIM model data into Maximo to begin the process of maintaining the building or infrastructures, as well as help the client identify what information should be shared and/or contained in each system.

steps from BIM to Maximo

Santiago de Chile Airport Project, slide from Vinci Construction presentation.

Realising the benefits

Jose Inestal says “The combined power of BIM tools with Maximo allows customers to obtain large savings during the entire life cycle of the building or infrastructure. Facility Maintenance customers taking advantage of this combination report savings between 10% and 20% in maintenance management, as well as intangible improvements in availability, quality and accuracy of information”.

For example, clients in the Airport sector indicate that the use of Maximo integration with BIM tools can reduce data loading time by 90% and exponentially increase data quality, allowing Maximo to register all data of the assets planned in the current design in hours instead of requiring months of expensive manual work.

Plant Areas are scanned in a 360% cloud process with a 3D Laser, which is then converted to BIM format:

Plant Areas are scanned for conversion to BIM format

Visualization in BIM of the installation allowing for various levels of detail:

Visualization in BIM 01Visualization in BIM 02

Aerospatial and Rail infrastructure clients are obtaining savings of up to 25% of the time involved in the planning of Work Orders, with a decrease of up to 30% in work execution time.

Contact us if you'd like to find out more about integrating BIM and Maximo.

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