It has been an exciting time for Affinity Water, having gone live across all their regions with the roll-out of Maximo reaching the final 2 communities on 18th June 2018. As one of the biggest business system projects ever undertaken by Affinity Water, Vetasi is delighted to have supported them on this ground-breaking implementation. Maximo is now the biggest and most important system at the centre of their wholesale solution stack.

The primary objectives of the programme can be summarised as follow;

  • To reduce the risk associated with relying on systems that are currently unsupported and enable Affinity Water to embrace the benefits available from using new technology;
  • Simplify the tasks associated with identifying and defining a job, so that these activities are captured in the same system as the job execution activities;
  • Improve visibility of work across functions and areas on the network, to enhance productivity of staff, provide better customer service, and therefore SIM (Service Incentive Mechanism) score, and reduce cost by reducing dispatches and idle time;
  • Simplify data capture, so that job quality data, cost data and network asset data are routinely captured on every job;
  • Enable comparison of performance of network activity recorded in WMIS with network activity recorded in any new system.
  • Eliminate any system-based restrictions on delivering further improvements in efficiency or effectiveness of Affinity Water

It has been quite a journey to this point as the original project had to be reshaped to accommodate the market reform mandated by the regulator. As those requirements crystallised they were incorporated into the in-flight programme, resulting in revised objectives and deliverables delivered to an updated project plan. It’s a huge achievement for all the team involved and feedback from those already using the system is positive.

Affinity Water was previously relying on multiple applications to manage the end-to-end processes associated with work on their below ground infrastructure and assets. The three different regions, previously different companies, used different legacy systems and processes resulting in inconsistent processes, excess manual activities and duplication of work. The implementation of Maximo will deliver improvements in 3 key areas, Works Management, Customer Service and Finance.

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