Affinity Water is the largest water-only supplier in the UK and, as part of their ongoing strategic improvement programme, Vetasi has recently worked in collaboration with the Affinity Water IT and Business teams to successfully deliver the “Maximo upgrade and move to the cloud project”.

James Fair, MD, Vetasi UK says “We are delighted to have assisted in this strategically important project, enabling Affinity Water to leverage the cloud-based upgraded Maximo system. This will allow them to take advantage of a host of Maximo capabilities and achieve greater efficiency in their work and asset management for their distributed field-force.”

The project involved upgrading the extensively integrated, multi-industry solution IBM Maximo system along with the IBM Anywhere work execution field solution, to the latest 7.6.1x versions, re-platforming the application servers and databases from on-premise to cloud hosted infrastructure.

Ben Wilson, Head of IT Applications, Affinity Water says “Vetasi understood our business objectives and the aims of our improvement programme to ensure that we are delivering more for our customers. The upgraded system and move to cloud will ensure that Maximo remains a critical application for Affinity Water and underpin future development and improvements to our business processes.”

The “Upgrade and move to the cloud” project further enables Affinity Water to build on the strengths and stability of the latest Maximo and Anywhere systems and infrastructure, develop and improve existing processes to maximise efficiencies, compliance and value as well as onboarding additional areas of the business away from legacy applications.

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