The Eastern European market, within the reach of the Ukrainian market, is a key element of Vetasi CEE’s strategic development. This was recently reinforced with our new Vetasi UA office opening, headquartered in Kiev. In order to realize our vision of effective economic and cultural collaboration, Vetasi CEE has joined the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

The Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce provides us with business support for our work in the Ukraine (by advising on legal issues and procedures), as well as establishing an effective network of connections between related members, other institutions / organizations and authorities.

Jaroslaw Lukasiewicz says “Membership of Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce will enable us to transfer the necessary knowledge, support, innovation and expertise that will contribute to the development of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation and help Vetasi CEE realize our strategic aims.”

Find out more about the work of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce here.

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