Tony Ransley retires from Vetasi

Tony Ransley has officially retired from Vetasi, however that won’t be the last you see of him : he’s determined to keep his hand in the consulting world so we envisage involving him in various assignments in UK & Africa where we can use his skills (and where there’s a golf course to hand).

To give a brief insight into his time at the company; he was brought into the business in 2008 following the initial phase of growth from 2005. This period saw the company transition from its foundations as a subcontractor and provider of specialist resources to MRO Software and IBM to a fully-fledged consulting and support provider with our own broad client base. Tony single-handedly achieved Vetasi ISO 9001 accreditation and introduced the methodology now used across the company. He has also taken a leading role in several important client relationships including GSH Group and Banyards.

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