Update from the latest Maximo User Group held at the Coin St Neighbourhood Centre, London on the 29thSeptember.

There was a strong turnout of Vetasi clients in attendance at the latest MUG – which proved to be one of the most informative and interesting events to date.  Attendance on the day was in fact up on the projected numbers with in excess of 100 attendees.

Vetasi made a good showing at the event by co-presenting with Martin Giel of South East Water with a presentation on Maximo Spatial and the progress that SEW have made to deploy and utilise the available functionality.  Maximo Spatial is one of the really hot topics in the Maximo world at the moment developing a huge amount of interest and comment whenever it is presented.  The range of interested parties span the traditional Utility companies, include many of the Contractors engaged in working with them through to the Local Authorities being the ultimate end client of many of the activities.  The presentation demonstrated an overview of the technology and also two specific use cases where the technology is having a significant impact on the business practice of the client.  These use cases demonstrated clearly how the ‘spatial’ view of data adds an important dimension to the overall process of Work & Asset Management.  In both of these use cases the client was able to effectively and efficiently manage otherwise extremely complex business processes.

Another of Vetasi’s clients, Napp Pharmaceuticals also presented to the user group with an overview of their recent Upgrade of Maximo from v4 to v6.  They also took the opportunity to implement the Maximo Calibration module which is specifically targeted at the Life Sciences industry vertical.  Peter Rowsell from Napp presented a refreshing overview of an upgrade project completed on time and to budget.  The key messages from this were:

  • Do not underestimate the involvement of the internal business team on the project
  • Choice of vendor to perform the work is important
  • Maintain a sense of realism about what can be achieved in the project and set the scope accordingly

Both projects were conducted within the set timeframes and to budget.

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