The Gauteng province in South Africa is the countries’ economic hub and has been experiencing traffic congestion on its major routes between the capitol Pretoria and the financial hub in the city of Johannesburg. The Gautrain rapid rail system was launched as the present transport facilities are mainly road based and the land required for a rapid rail system is far less than that of a road system with a distinct environmental advantages. Bombardier South Africa was contracted to supply and maintain the rolling stock as well as some of the critical operational systems such as the automated fee collection system. Since the launch of the rapid rail system the commuter take-on has been higher than expected putting the system under severe strain

As part of the maintenance contract, Bombardier SA was responsible to provide an integrated service and asset management solution used not only to manage the rolling stock assets but also used by the operator for fault reporting and facilities management. Bombardier initially implemented the worldwide Bombardier asset management template based on IBM Maximo for Transportation. Due to South Africa’s remote location from the European based Bombardier IT support, Bombardier SA was allowed to deviate from the standard template.

Vetasi was subsequently contracted by Bombardier to upgrade the IBM Maximo application to Maximo 7.1. This upgrade included upgrading the industry expansions forming part of the Bombardier Maximo product suite namely

  • IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager
  • IBM Maximo for Transportation
  • IBM Configuration Manager

IBM Maximo was key in managing the green field project challenges such as last minute modifications to resolve teething problems. These problems were not only related to the rolling stock but also supporting systems such as the Automatic Fee Collection system’s hardware and software environment. Challenges such as identifying and quickly releasing “safe” trains, with the correct modifications on all components, was a major challenge for Bombardier. IBM Maximo’s Configuration Manager was extensively used to manage these modifications on critical assets and provided a full picture of each components modification and upgrade status.

To further reduce turnaround times of critical assets, Vetasi also provided and implemented Maximo SMART Mobile Work Manager to Bombardier to manage inspections and work orders on the rolling stock.  Mobility provided Bombardier with the ability to view and track asset modifications statuses in real time as work progress and to release vehicles immediately as work are completed

In the next phase of enhancement Vetasi will be contracted to build integration between IBM Maximo, Orbita (rolling stock data collection and analysis) and AVI (Automatic Vehicle Inspection) systems. Once implemented Bombardier will be able to move their rolling stock maintenance strategies to a condition based maintenance approach. Incidents identified in the external systems will be raised in Maximo for investigation.

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